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Bill validation: Our approach

We’ve resolved billing queries and secured refunds for businesses across the UK: what can we save you?

A startling 25% of supplier invoices fail validation. You could be significantly overpaying for your energy – but it’s unlikely you’ve access to the time, skills, and software to check all your invoices.

Annual benefit secured for our clients

  • Over 20,000 billing queries resolved
  • Over £500K of refunds secured through our query management process

Our experienced team take on the task of validating your invoices, carrying out over 50 checks on your current and historical invoices. These checks include standing data, contract rates, industry and pass through charges, metering costs, reads, and data. We’ll also assess taxes and levies and consumption rates against industry benchmarks.

With ECA having your billing data, you will have access to eca cloud, which will give you access to your energy data online from anywhere and at anytime, thus allowing individual sites to view graphs and reports of energy use so that key decisions can be taken locally. The cloud system is configurable to allow varying degrees of access. Graphs and reports may be customised as required.

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The Adil Group are a family business situated in London with trading stores throughout England and Scotland, employing over 3,500 people nationwide . They have a number of well known brands in their portfolio, including KFC, Costa, Burger King, Taco Bell as well as several Best Western Hotels and Anytime Fitness gyms. With over 150 properties in their portfolio they have encountered numerous issues with the energy suppliers across billing, metering, procurement, consumption and legislation. They have worked with Steve for over 15 years providing expert utility advice in this time. Over this period working alongside Raja Adil, Steve has been successful in resolving numerous disputes with the energy suppliers, resulting in savings running well into the millions.

Adil Catering

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Silver Healthcare are a care home provider with 4 homes, we had previously disputed invoices with our energy supplier going back over 4 years. The billing involved almost 350 credits and re-credits and we were unable to resolve despite employing the services of another energy consultant. ECA Business Energy got involved and completed a full review of all the billing, identifying numerous issues including incorrect contract rates, duplicated billing, VAT/CCL overcharges, late payment charges, incorrect statement of account, incorrect meter reads and incorrect non energy charges. Working alongside us on an agreed strategy ECA Business Energy successfully reduced the outstanding amount by over 60% and helped negotiate a payment plan with the supplier.

Silver Healthcare

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