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ESOS phase 3 is now underway.

Our qualified lead assessors are on hand to ensure you are compliant and help you identify long term energy, cost and carbon savings.

The qualification date for ESOS phase 3 is 31st December 2022, with a compliance date of 5th December 2023.

Request a call now and see how you could be saving energy from the findings of the ESOS Audit Report.

Alternatively, you can download our ESOS briefing paper, containing all the information you need to start your journey to ESOS phase 3 compliance.

We have prepared Factsheets with links to government guidance, available for download here »

"Kit was very knowledgeable in the subject and had a very good way of maintaining interest in the subject and getting buy-in from participants. He was able to understand our processes and interactions very quickly and provide relevant examples on ways to progress.

A very good session and just as per our requirements."

Martin McKeown, General Manager - Group Health, Safety & Environment Keymed Ltd

"ECA Group have been totally professional in assisting our Trust through the minefield of ESOS Compliance Phase Two. They enabled us to complete our submission way ahead of the deadline. I would like to particularly mention Layla Elsom-Leak as my main point of contact for being extremely professional, light hearted with what is a fairly dour subject and very helpful."

Rob Farris, Estates Manager - Benenden Hospital Trust

"Our ESOS consultant was very efficient and friendly. He certainly helped us see where we could make savings."

Sherry Burns, Longleat Enterprises Limited